Montag, 29. Januar 2018

Medrobotics Corporation Receives FDA Clearance for the Company´s Flexible Transabdominal and Transthoracic Robotic Scope

MedDEV News (Medrobotics Corp). Medrobotics, a medical robotics company, announced FDA regulatory clearance to market the Flex Robotic System for robot- assisted visualization in general surgical, gynecological and thoracic procedures in the US

This clearance reaffirms the Company’s progress to develop transformative products for single-port general, gynecological, thoracic and urological surgeries. “With this new FDA indication, the use of Medrobotics’ flexible robotic technology extends beyond natural orifices,” said CEO Samuel Straface. “This clearance is a vital step in our commitment to minimize the impact of surgery by offering less invasive procedures through a single incision in the abdomen or thoracic cavity versus the multiple incisions that are currently required.”

Medrobotics Corporation is a medical device company headquartered in Raynham, Massachusetts. With Flex Robotic System, the firm markets the world’s first and only robotic surgical platform which provides “scarfree access” to hard-to-reach anatomy in otolaryngology and colorectal procedures. The System offers surgeons the unique ability to navigate complex anatomy through a single, small entry point while operating in hard-to-reach anatomical locations that might otherwise be inaccessible with straight, rigid surgical tools.

The award-winning Flex Robotic System has been widely recognized for advances in surgical robotic technology, including Best-in-Show at the 2016 Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA) and a Best New Product at the 2017 Edison Awards.

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